Welcome to Global Dialogues


Welcome to our home. Our purpose and aim is to inspire, encourage and empower. Enjoy the fruit of the gifts life has brought us through those gone before, through nature’s teaching, through ideas and experiences. We are a team of two, Dr. Cathie Koa Dunsford and Dr. Karin Meissenburg, with a worldwide network of affiliates. 

In our book section we offer you an overview of books published and previews. Global Dialogues Press books reflect in myriad modes pathways to a wholesome living. Cath’s work in particular empowers and encourages: It calls into being a life force which heals the wounds of nature and humans. Fiction, nonfiction and poetry bubble with a refreshing energy. Full of zest for life, deep reflective moments. humour. Our other books resonate with the tone set by Cath’s work. Read more ...

Korero lets you participate in our worldwide sharing. Here we offer insights, work in progress, talk about books important to us, reviews, video clips.

If you want to spend time with us: Our workshops give you the opportunity to explore: Writing, traditional ways of life which shed light on permaculture, the power of seavegetables known as seaweed, a contextual logic, life design, garden design.

In our consultancy we work with you individually in the realms our books and workshops address.

The gallery gives you glimpses of our life in action: photos and artworks.